Thursday, August 10, 2017

Playing with Popsicle Sticks

What a wonderful day I had with my two grandsons while my daughter-in-law attended a teachers' seminar and spent some time getting her classroom ready.  The boys assured me they had new shoes and all the pens, pencils and notebooks they would need for the new school year. 

They arrived early with a box of donuts.  Once all the sugar kicked in, we played a fun game of Kerfuffle, similar to Quirkle only you might have to whistle while you take your turn or do the Chicken Dance if you can't make a move.  Next we headed to the local arboretum and spent an hour or so hiking the trails and being bitten by bugs.  (Forgot the bug spray.  Duh!)
After lunch it was time to craft.  I had just picked up 2 bags of popsicle sticks on Tuesday and Matt is very familiar with Pinterest when it comes to finding a project.
Here's project #1:
A miniature bow, using a toothpick for the arrow.
The bow is a small popsicle stick with half of a hair clip hot glued to each end, washi tape to reinforce the middle, and baker's twine stretched end to end.  The darn thing works pretty well, too.
Break time for a game of croquet.  And my DH got home from golfing just in time to join us. 
Project #2 was a bit more involved - a pencil holder for Mom's classroom,
 with a little spot for paper clips at the top and a place for a pad of post it notes on the side.  We were just placing the last popsicle stick when my daughter-in-law arrived to pick up my two charges.
The plan was to spray paint this teal when they got home, to match the classroom color scheme.
No cards to show you today.   But one post down you'll find two fun folds I made for the CTMH Joyful Stars August Blog Hop.


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