Monday, December 10, 2012

Fun Nights Out

Had a great Dinner and Crafting Night with a few wonderful friends (Joyce, Betty, Laurie, and Erin) last week. 
Betty, Laurie and Erin were busy making this gorgeous card
while Joyce and I were cutting paper so we could all decorate the pages of this calendar

and then Laurie and Erin announced they had succumbed to learning a new craft, and brought out all the supplies to make these pretty Christmas Snowflakes.

This is not Betty's table setting for our Dinner and Crafting night.  

Friday my Mother treated us to a trip to Longwood Gardens as an early Christmas present.  It was just beautiful.  The photo above was taken inside the Conservatory.  Outside there were hundreds of decorated trees with half a million lights. (I did not personally count them, but that's what the literature said.)


It was my first trip there and I will definitely be going back. 


  1. Longwood Gardens looks fabulous, I love the calender the images for each month are perfect.
    and those snowflakes are lovely.
    Kevin xx

  2. All your projects are wonderful! I know you enjoyed the gardens!

  3. What fun projects! I LOVE your little calendars; so sweet and fun! So fun to get together & share projects!!

    My Mother in Law has been to Longwood years ago on a garden club trip & said how beautiful it was. I've never been there myself, but it looks so pretty all decked out for the holidays!


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