Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Organizing paper pieces

Organizing my paper pieces is a never ending challenge, mostly because I hate to throw out paper.  I save the smallest pieces.  
A few days ago I found this little snack bag.
 In it were 4 ovals and 5 circles.
Just once I'd like to find one of these bags filled with m&m's or maybe money instead of little pieces of paper.
Where was I going to put these 4 lonely ovals and 5 circles?  
I decided using them was easiest option.

I also had the last 2 pieces (3"x4") of a CTMH paper pack to file. 
Now they are on a birthday card and in the SAS4K box with the 2 cards above.

I must admit, though, that organizing in this fashion takes a really  long time. 

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  1. What a good idea to sort your shapes. I too have dozens of these all lying in a basket but I often end up cutting another because rooting through for an oval or the like is just too much bother. I must try and organise my "waste bits" more.


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