Saturday, June 12, 2021

The big save!

Last week my 10 year old grand niece was here visiting.  She loved all the crafty things I have.  Who knew a 10 year old could move so fast?  She would get one thing out and before I could explain how it was used she had something else.  It was more than frustrating! especially with her mother close by but not saying a word.

When her mother said it was time to clean up, she collected the things she had made and wanted to keep and everything else went in my little trash container.   

After she left, I salvaged quite a few items from the trash container that were perfectly usable.   There were several embossed paper pieces with circles punched out of them that she hurriedly discarded.  And that is how this get well card began.

Those tiny flower die cuts are by Spellbinders- 

a new purchase that I just love!


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  1. What a beautiful card! I love the color combo, and those flowers are so pretty!


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